Oct 19

Niche Blogging Is Not For Everyone

When I first heard about blogging and learned exactly what it was, it intrigued me. A place to share opinions, knowledge or skills on various subjects for little cost and with a seemingly unlimited broadcast potential. Blogs are the perfect medium to share your unique ideas or knowledge with the rest of the world however theres only one problem; What happens if you dont have any unique skills, education or knowledge? Now what?

Thats an issue that I had to deal with before I started blogging. I only have a college diploma in a very general subject which taught me very little and I havent exactly done anything in life that makes me an authority on anything in particular. Personally I wish that I could write a blog on a certain niche topic. and that I knew something in great detail that I could pass on, but I dont.

I refer to myself as a Jack of all trades, Master of none and I know that I’m not alone. I know a limited amount of information about a lot of broad topics, but I dont know about any one subject in great detail. Thats where I came up the the title Random Thoughts for my blog. I love to talk, to share my ideas and opinions and to pass on information that Ive picked up somewhere. A niche blog just wouldnt work for me.

One area that I am becoming more and more interested in is the area of blogging itself. How to set one up, how to make money from it, how to design it (although I still have no idea on that front) and how to generate traffic. So this leads me to the title of my blog; Random Thoughts on Blogging.

Here’s my advice; Find what works

Oct 18

How blogging is important in law firm marketing

We are aware of “what is blog? Well in this article I want to share my experience of SEO that’s how it helps the marketing firm? A blog is a personal website intended as a diary or journal. If you are familiar with MySpace or Facebook, the user pages are also derived from a blog. Blogs have been around a few years now and I was deeply marketed for business so that today when you surf the Web, you may not know if you are looking for a commercial site traditional or a blog. Blogging for law firms: If you are concerned in SEO for law firms, think about blogging. Blogging gives you a better ranking in major search engines. Google has just confirmed of that with its latest update. Update your blog frequently will certainly have a positive impact on your search engines for your keywords. This became predominantly pertinent after the Google algorithm updates. So, given this information (you don’t have to believe me, just read convincing experts on the web), why don’t you update your blog several times a week? The benefits of frequent blog updating:

Frequency of communication is essential for the development of any relationship. If you update your blog three to five times in a week, you develop a closer relationship with your reader. Better Traffic: People do not read the whole thing you write. If you produce more content, people will have more choice about what to read. It’s a good thing. With more choices, you are likely to keep people on your site longer. In addition, people who read your content will be daily visitors to the site and will probably become the major reference sources or customers. That’s because they visited to hear what you have to say. At first,

Oct 15

Ecommerce Website Development Malaysia

There is an increasing demand for the affordable ecommerce solutions with a rise in the internet’s popularity as well as the customer’s needs. With our Ecommerce Website Development Malaysia, the customers placed even in any remote locality across the globe, they can expand their business easily all around the world. That is the reason that the ecommerce website development Malaysia has become easy.

Ecommerce website development Malaysia offers best ecommerce solutions for satisfying the needs of the customers planning to expand their business and make use of the best tools of ecommerce in it. Various affordable ecommerce solutions are available for Ecommerce Website Development Malaysia. E-commerce websites have been a revolution in the field of modern business and also have made the business more reliable, easy and fast. Detailed attention has to be paid on the requirements that are given either by the customers or are analyzed by the expert professional or web designers. The low price ecommerce solutions provided to the clients do not compromise on quality. The ecommerce website development Malaysia is successful to bend if the professionals are completely aware of the most recent development as well as trends in the related field. This technical knowledge forms the core of the Ecommerce Website Development Malaysia.

The primary requirement for the Ecommerce Website Development Malaysia is to understand the needs of the clients or the customers as to what is actually required by them. Then ecommerce professionals work on their specified requirements; which can offer the best possible solutions as well as services. Because of our best ecommerce solutions service our clients keep coming back to us. Some of the pre requisites of the ecommerce website development include the exhaustive use of software and tools, latest technology, and offering the best ecommerce solutions to the clients.

Ecommerce Solution

Oct 15

Broadcast Live Video Streams On Website With Self Customized Rtmp Flv Player

I. Term Interpretations You May Want to Know:

Streaming Media are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented (the term “presented” is used in a general sense that includes audio or video playback) to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider……from Wikipedia

RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) is a proprietary protocol developed by streaming provider Adobe Systems, for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server……from Wikipedia

Moyea RTMP Stream Plugin, developed by Moyea Software, is capable of playing live streaming videos, SMIL presentations, and streaming videos from kinds of RTMP servers in RTMP FLV player customized by Moyea Web Player……from playerdiy.com.

The combination of above 3 concepts comes the topic of this article: how to play LIVE streaming video imported from RTMP stream plugin in customized RTMP FLV player on site.

II. Typical Cases it May Apply but not only Limit to:

A. You have a webcam and you want to show whatever it’s capturing live via RTMP FLV player on internet.

B. Your friend has a DV recorder and he wants to display everything it’s recording live via RTMP FLV player on internet.

III. Essential Programs You have to Have:

1. Flash Media Server 3.5 (FMS)
Download here

2. Flash Media Live Encoder 3 (FMLE)
Download here

3. Moyea Web Player and Moyea RTMP Stream Plugin
Click here and here to download

IV. Let’s Do It!

Step 1: Make sure your webcam or DV recorder is attached to computer and working.

Step 2: Install FMS in your server and launch it afterwards. Usually it operates at background rather than at desktop, but you can easily check its working status from “Control Panel” –> “Administrative Tools” –> “Services”.

Note: We will have an upcoming article

Oct 14

Busy WordPress Themes Are For Eventful Website

The most popular open source blogging platform is nothing but WordPress, throughout the world many blogger are using the beautiful free themes to build beautiful and useful themes to all web browsers. WordPress in not just powerful blogging tool but also powerful Content Management system. WordPress themes are the best way to create an impressive website or a content administrative system. Because of this capable internet web designing tool a select of eminent Busy WordPress Themes came into existence to mach every subject and individual needs. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. Creating a website is an easy process taking into account of all the free blogging sites available on the internet. These Themes allow users to change the look and functional of a WordPress website or fixing without altering the informative content.

Busy WordPress Themes are perfect themes available in wordpress-theme-land for an exclusive website; you may find the perfect Free WordPress Themes and these themes are filled with lot of features. The PHP and HTML code in themes can also be edited for more advanced customizations. If you are creating a blog than find the WP theme that will be best for the blog and match your needs, if you are a first time blogger then you must do little study and bit investigation in finding the suitable Busy WordPress Theme, once you locate the perfect theme for your blog, you will enjoy making an informative website and pleased to provide the viewers the important information through your blog. Choosing the perfect theme always makes your blog look more successful and invites many viewers.

All themes are free in many websites. WordPress template is loaded with lots of prototype that unite graphic features and content area. Templates are usually packed

Oct 14

Advantages Of Outsourcing Website Design Services For Your Business

We need to discuss certain imperative steps associated with website design which could be worthwhile for you. Web design services are heralding a significant role within the web marketing sphere, as an imaginative and striking website is capable of attracting a greater number of visitors.

Thus, website design is consequential for online business. It is but obvious that people would wish to increase their business globally, and if you are desirous of enhancing your business on a universal level, it is imperative to have an eye-catching website which would be more capable of attracting a grater number of visitors. Reputed websites have a single thing in common, other than rendering qualitative products and services; they have a compelling plus user-friendly websites. For this purpose, it is essential to opt for a creative web design firm.

Constructing a website can be quite a monotonous and wearisome task, and this is even more so if you are not a proficient web designer. This is primarily the reason why it is becoming more prominent to outsource your website requirements, to a skilled and educated designer. There are certain things for which you should be equipped, as you are outsourcing your website design. A famous website designing company can comprehend the precise requirement of the user and based on it, they render the total website design solution which can assist in generating additional revenue for your online business.

In this day and age, outsourcing web site design has created quit a buzz on the internet. From the small to large-scale organizations, all the people are now outsourcing their web design services, to a Web Development company. There are certain reasons as to why this is deemed as favorable.

Value of web sites design
Extremely capable talent pool
Access to

Oct 13

Webyara – Website Promotion

Webyara Provides Best Web Promotion services with 100% satisfaction Guarantee.We assist our clients to rank,enhance and promote their website in an efficient manner.The result of our services provide best content for the search Engines. Our Services also includes, Web application development, Website designing, E-commerce solutions, Maintenance and re-designing, Web hosting solution, Flash development. Web page marketing is the procedure that is used by website owners to market and carry more guests to a site. To improve a website’s visitors many techniques are used i.e., ?web content development ?search engine optimization ?search engine submission The term Promotion particularly consult a particular action that is intented to market the company, products or solutions. Examples of well-known marketing actions are competitions and promotion. A Web assistance is a technique of interaction between two technology over the Web(Internet). W3C describes a Web assistance as -a application program that is developed to back up Machine-to-Machine connections over a network-.W3C recognizes two significant sessions of online sites namely, 1)REST(Representational Condition Transfer)-complaint web solutions – The objective of the assistance is to control XML representations of web sources using a consistent set of -stateless- functions. 2)Arbitrary web solutions – The objective of the assistance is to present an irrelavent set of operations WEB API is a growth in web solutions. Automated resources can aid in the development of a Web assistance. WSDL generate a existing class(a bottom-up strategy)&also to generate a category bones given existing WSDL(a top-down strategy). 1)A programmer using a base up technique creates applying sessions first (in some development language), and then uses a WSDL producing resource to present techniques from these sessions as a Web assistance. 2)A programmer using a top down technique creates the WSDL papers first and then uses a value producing resource to generate the category bones, to be

Oct 13

How To Manage Downtime During Website Maintenance

Every website has to temporarily go down at some point during website maintenance, whether youre using a website maintenance service or doing it yourself. If you have a website maintenance company you can expect them to know the following. However, if youre doing it yourself these are definitely some things to be kept in mind.

Tell both humans and robots that its only a temporary shutdown.
People only consider the humans who visit their websites. However, from an SEO standpoint, even the robots AKA search engines are important. Both need to be informed that it is a temporary shutdown and when they can expect the site to be up again.

Some people end up pulling all files down, leading browsers to a 404 error message. This way neither humans nor robots understand the real situation and are led to believe that the site may be shut down indefinitely. On the other hand some people redirect visitors to a page with a short message telling them that the site is just temporarily shut down for routine website maintenance work. While this informs of the situation, it does nothing for the robots, and consequently drops your position in search engine results.

Use the correct HTTP status codes.
An HTTP status code is sent out and interpreted by the browser every time it visits your website. Lets briefly go through some HTTP status codes.

200 OK This informs that the request has been successful. It is the standard response for successful HTTP requests.

301 Moved Permanently When your page has permanently been moved to another location, this is the HTTP status code that you need to use. It redirects to another given location. More often than not this is the best method for redirection

Oct 12

Do You Really Think It Is Possible To Make Money Blogging Or Not

What exactly is blogging for cash or profits. First of all blogs are web sites which have niches content or more specifically are geared around one main topic. An example would be if a blog site is about dogs you could discuss puppies,dog food,anything dog related. You would not want to put article blogs about cats on your dog blog site. Google is good at recognizing this and they give higher rankings to blog sites about one main topic.

Blogs generally started years ago as a hobby. They were fun sites to put your personal opinions online so others could respond and so on. Many blogs still are operated this way which is not a problem. Now blogs can be more than a hobby it can be financially rewarding.

Google adsense ads can be inserted on on your blog sites for free. When you get clicks you can get paid. The more traffic you generate the more revenue you can earn. It is very simple to use google adsense. Blog sites are very easy to set up. I recommend blogger and wordpress for your blog sites.

One often overlooked factor with blogs is link or banner advertising. You can put them on your blog sites and be paid very well if you generate sales. I could go on and on with other blog income possibilities such as widgets,youtube videos,social marketing,etc.

Here is what most of the successful bloggers do. They have a plan and execute that plan. Their blogs are set up properly and the internet machinery kicks in. They start generating residuals and income even while they sleep. Here is the most important blogging for cash tip. Give the bloggers valuable content. Give your bloggers articles of value. They will come back and invite others if your blog site

Oct 11

Web Data Extraction, Website Grabber, Web Data Collection, Web Content Extraction

Web Data Extractor is a fast, reliable, powerful and easy-to-use tool which helps you for capturing required data from different targeted websites automatically. That extracted data can be stored in different formats like, My-SQL, MS-SQL, text file, CSV file, Excel sheet or any other database.

Generally, Web Grabber increases productivity by providing powerful web data extraction. Using that we can capture and store any information or data from any website.

Web Grabber can capture data not only from the static website but also from the dynamic website. After extracting data from both websites, it stores that data into database in proper format.

Using Web Grabber, you can extract and store any data efficiently and accurately. You can also extract data quickly and easily without any error.

Web Data Extraction allows you to extract data from any html web pages of websites on the World Wide Web and store it in different databases like My-SQL, MS-SQL, text file, CSV file, Excel sheet or any other database.

Web Content Extractor is the process of extracting various information or contents from different web pages of the particular website. Web Content Extractor extracts unstructured data from targeted websites and after that we are converting that unstructured data into structured data.

You can also capture different types of web data or web contents like unstructured data, images, html structure, page title, page keyword, hyperlinks, page description or any other elements from static or dynamic websites.

Web data extraction can be possible for different websites like dynamic website, static website, government website, business directory website, ecommerce website, real estate website, university website, job posting website, stock exchange websites or any other secure website.

Form the real estate website you can capture property information, property rates, property location, property maps and property images etc. From business directory

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